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Divorce can be complicated, confusing and emotionally overwhelming. What happens to the house, the pension, the property? When and how is spousal and child support decided? How long does everything take? Find out how our divorce lawyers can help.

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Division of Assets

What happens to assets prior to marriage? How are assets divided? What about gifts or inheritances? How is the matrimonial home treated? What are the rights of common law spouses? Our family law property division divorce lawyers have the answers you need and are ready to fight for your rights.

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Custody and Access

In determining custody and access, the court’s focus is on the best interests of the child. How does this affect deciding who has custody, who makes the important decisions, how much time does each parent get with the children and when? How can child custody lawyers help?

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Spousal Support 

Spousal support is an issue for married and common law couples. It is not an automatic right. It’s not a tool to be used to get even, but it is there to fairly compensate those who have made sacrifices for their family. What determines the amount to be paid and the duration? How can spousal support lawyers help?

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Separation Agreements

Cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts and separation agreements can be as binding as a court order. Entitlements and rights can easily be signed away. What are your rights? What terms can/can’t be included? What happens if the contract is breached? What do prenup lawyers do?

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Child Support

Canadian law is clear, child support is the right of the child. What’s not so clear is how much should be paid, for how long and by whom? What about expenses like child care, education, extracurriculars, and medical costs? What if a parent can’t/won’t pay? How can child support lawyers help?

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Parental Alienation

The Supreme Court of Canada has firmly upheld the importance of children having healthy relationships with both parents. Parental alienation is not tolerated by the courts. Children are not pawns to be used to hurt their other parent. What is parental alienation law in Ontario?

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can take many forms. Courts are required to consider claims of domestic violence even if there was no formal report made, criminal charge or conviction. How does domestic violence affect a family law matter? How can domestic violence lawyers help?

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